iPhone Glow Gel™ skins - Frequently Asked Questions

Do Glow Gel skins glow more than once?

Absolutely! Glow Gel skin covers glow indefinitely - long after you stop using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. All they need is periodic exposure to a light source.


Which colors glow the best?

Generally the lighter color Glow Gel covers glow the brightest and longest such as the Atomic Ice, Teal, Apple, Igloo Blue, citron, etc. Darker shades - like graphite and navy - tend to absorb more light rather than reflect it (and since less light is reflected, there's less light emitted to 'charge' the Glow Gel skin). That said, all iPhone, iPad, or iPod Glow Gel covers glow-in-the-dark for hours on end. 

How do I get the best glow performance from my Glow Gel skin?

Exposure to direct sunlight or natural ambient light produces the brightest and longest glow times. Incandescent light (such as the light in your home or apartment) will also cause your Glow Gel cases to glow, it just takes longer to 'charge' and generally won't glow as bright.


How long should Glow Gel skins be exposed to light for them to glow?

It depends on the light source. In direct sunlight, Glow Gel skins will glow immediately. Indoors, you should wait several minutes and keep your skin as close to the light source as possible (like directly under a lamp). Light sources that are high intensity will 'charge' your Glow Gel covers the fastest and produce the brightest luminescence.

Why won't my Glow Gel skin glow?

Make sure you've exposed your skin to enough light. If you've just received it in the mail, it's been in the packaging (darkness) for a while so you need to 'charge' it by exposing it to a high intensity light source. If it's daytime, place the Glow Gel skin in direct sunlight and then move to a darker location - you'll immediately see it's glow.

Why does my Glow Gel skin seem to change color slightly during the day?

You'll notice sometimes that the shade of your Glow Gel skin changes throughout the day. That's because it's glowing all the time at varying degrees of brightness, so the color of the glow interacts with it's day-time color. For example, when a graphite Glow Gel cover is exposed to direct sunlight (or some other high intensity light source), it will luminesce bright green, tinting the skin to a shade of green.


Are Glow Gel skins reusable?

Yes and no. If you remove and apply your Glow Gel covers often enough, the bottom adhesive vinyl layer will start to peel away from the surface gel layer.  It's recommended that you adhere the Glow Gel skin to your device once and avoid peeling it off to reapply as much as possible to avoid damaging the skin. If it's absolutely necessary to remove (i.e. to reposition ) pry a corner off gently under the vinyl, carefully using fingers to pull up skin. ***NOTE: You must make sure to get underneath the bottom adhesive layer - if it's not totally underneath, you will separate the gel layer from bottom adhesive and destroy the skin. Please contact us if you need help with this.


Are Glow Gel skins permanent?

No. They will stick to your device as long as you want, but they are not permanent and will leave no residue when you chose to remove them. There have been cases where some rim skins have left minor residue (due to extreme temperature exposure, pressure, etc.) , but it quickly comes off with a paper towel and a little windex.


I just applied my new Glow Gel skin and the front is coming off? WTF?!!
Before you apply your Glow Gel skins, make sure your device is clean. Further, it sometimes takes about a day for the adhesive to fully bond to your device. During that time, it's possible that the gels may 'loosen' a bit and come off. If this happens, just put them back in place, adhering pressure. The bond will eventually set and this won't happen again.


Do I peel off the sticky adhesive on the back of the Glow Gel skin?

NO. This is what allows your skin to stick to your device. If you try to peel this off, you may destroy your skin.


Why is there an error message when I'm trying to make a purchase at checkout?

If you are purchasing outside the United States, you'll sometimes encounter an error message at the checkout point (when submitting your credit card information). This is usually due to credit card accounts that have zip codes greater or less than 6 digits. The fix: Please pay using PayPal - the order will then go through and we can send you our beautiful Glow Gel skin case for your beautiful iPhone!


What is your Warranty and Return Policy?

You're very important to us, which means your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If for any reason you're not happy with your purchase, we will offer a replacement item of equal or lesser value within 30 days of your purchase. 

If a refund is requested, we will issue a credit back to you (excluding any shipping charges) once the skin has been received back. No credits will be granted for used or opened skins, and we can only offer replacements under the sole discretion of Adaptation LA. 


Further Questions???

Please send us an e-mail with any more questions you have - We just love to hear from customers, and it helps us to continually improve our product and user experience. Thanks!