Top Rated iPhone 6 Case May 13 2015

Why are patented Glow Gel™ skin covers the top rated iPhone 6 case on the market? 

It's not because they're the top-selling iPhone accessory in upscale boutiques around the world... And it's not because fashion magazine editors, celebrities, and design icons love them... 

It's because they're totally unique, hand-crafted masterpieces that happen to guard, protect, and magically GLOW your iPhone!

World's longest glowing iPhone cover: Glow Gel covers glow-in-the-dark for over twelve hours after every charge so that you can easily locate your iPhone 6 in purses, backpacks, or in any dark situation. Once you experience your iPhone 6 glowing, there's no way you'll ever go back to the dark ages of life without your Glow Gel skin.

Advanced Glow Gel traction technology: Glow Gel covers allow your iPhone 6 to vertically stick on smooth surfaces such as glass and mirrors for hours. Perfect for taking selfies, watching shows, scrolling through email, putting on make up, etc. etc. Most importantly, Glow Gel skins' advanced 'gription' will help guard your iPhone 6 from accidental slips and falls. It's as if your iPhone magically gained Spider-Man's fab super powers, without having to wear that drab red suit.

Unmatched sleekness: Glow Gel skin covers adhere directly onto your iPhone 6 for ultra-sleek protection you won't find anywhere else. Super durable protection without the bulk of your standard case. Think of Adaptation LA as your iPhone's own, personal tailer.

Long-lasting durability: Glow Gel skin's patented 'smart skin' technology was developed under the guidance of an ex Apollo 11 mission team member. The unique surface of a genuine iPhone 6 Glow Gel is self-healing and shock-absorbant, protecting it from falls and dents better than any other 'rigid' case. iPhone 6 Glow Gel covers will also never fade or wear, but will shine like a beautifully waxed sports car for the duration of your ownership.

Award-winning tech fashion: Adaptation LA's Tech Fashionistas™ scout the season's hottest fashion trends and apply them to our award-winning designs. iPhone 6 Glow Gel Combo covers offer a stunning combination of colors that will leave you and others speechless. The perfect match for the iPhone's robust lines and geometric design. With bold colored rims and buttons contrasted against beautiful blocks of Glow Gel skin hues, you won't find anything like it. 

These are just a few of the top reasons why customers around the world love iPhone 6 Glow Gel skins by Adaptation LA. But don't take our word for it, make your iPhone 6 happy and give them a try...