iPhone screen repair: A cost-effective solution January 25 2014

It happens to all of us: We're walking down the street on our iPhone when suddenly we hear something growling behind us, snarling, we glance back and see…


It gives chase. We get scared. Drop our beloved iPhone and run before the damn thing eats us alive! The iPhone hits the ground and the screen shatters. We don't care at this point, though, because there's three flesh-hungry zombies now chasing us so we continue running, AHHHHHHHHHHHH--

CUT TO: One Year Later.

The zombie apocalypse is over. Humanity survived. We survived. But we miss our beloved iPhone. So we venture back to that very spot we dropped it and it's still there. YIPPEE!

Only problem is there's a huge spider crack on the glass...

We don't have a lot of $ to repair the iPhone since we spent all our savings defending against the zombies. So we need a cheaper option...

Enter the Glow Gel Skin solution.

Instead of spending up to $200 or more repairing the broken glass, we can simply cover it up with a Glow Gel.

Glow Gel skins adhere directly onto the surface of the iPhone via a non-permanent adhesive; this works perfectly to keep all the pieces of glass attached to your iPhone so you can't hurt yourself or others. It hides the cracked glass completely and your iPhone will look like new. 

Best of all, you'll never have to look at that crack again and be reminded of the ugly zombie that made you drop your iPhone in the first place.