Adaptation at its finest.
Introducing the world's longest glowing phone cases and skins.

Choose between our rugged Glow Gel™ cases or ultra-slim Glow Gel™ skins. Both products use our world-famous, patented Glow Gel technology to deliver the world's brightest glow, unmatched traction, and durable protection. Developed by an Apollo 8 rocket scientist and styled by a NYC fashion designer, our Glow Gel collections are truly out of this world! 

The Rugged: Glow Gel cases

Glow Gel cases offer extreme 360° protection in a stunning polycarbonate Glow Gel coated shell. Its revolutionary shock-absorbent technology protects against the most extreme falls, dents, and dings. A raised front lip guards against screen breaks and damage. Meant for those who want the durable protection of a case while retaining the sleek style a Glow Gel skin.

The Slim: Glow Gel skins

Glow Gel skins are a flexible 'smart skin,' which adhere directly on your device via a non-permanent adhesive backing. They leave no residue when removed and are the sleekest form of protection available. Glow Gel skins protect against scratches and scuffs. Meant for those who want to style their phone without the bulk of a case.

Adaptation's ArmorGlow™ Technology

Glow Gel phone cases and skins glow up to 12 hours after brief exposure to any light source. This means you can always locate your phone in purses, backpacks, or any dark situation. Developed under the guidance of a rocket scientist who worked on the historic Apollo missions to the moon, patented Glow Gel technology captures and retains light better than any other glow material to produce unmatched glow times. Available in vibrant, day-time colors that luminesce brilliant shades of teal or green depending on model.

Fully Customizable Glow Case

Our mobile phones are an extension of ourselves. Like the clothes we wear or the bags we carry, our devices offer an opportunity to express our own personal style. Pair your favorite colored neon rim with Glow Gel case or skin to create your very own custom combination. With over thirty different color combinations, the possibilities are endless. 

Color Blocking For The Bold

Bold opposites on the color wheel combine to create wild, playful, impossible-to-ignore compositions. It looks like modern art and isn't for the faint of heart. Glow Gel case and skin combos offer a stunning combination of colors that will leave you and others speechless. The perfect match for a smartphone's smooth lines and geometric design. With bold colored rims contrasted against beautiful blocks of Glow Gel hues - you won't find anything like it.

Armor Gel Protection and Traction 

Glow Gel cases and skins are the most durable protection available. Made with self-healing ArmorGlow resin, Glow Gel's high gloss finish resembles molded glass. In addition to their supreme glow functionality, Glow Gel covers have the unique ability to stick on smooth vertical surfaces such as glass or mirrors -- perfect for watching shows, taking pictures, or just to impress friends! A genuine Glow Gel case or skin is addictive to touch and will guard your phone forever.

Adaptation's Tailored Fit

Our Glow Gel cases and skins are precisely cut to fit the exact dimensions of your mobile device for a super sleek, tailored look. Whether it's for fashion week or the normal work week, you can now have the most form-fitting phone protection to "glowify" your life. 

Freshly Handmade in the USA

Glow Gel skins are carefully handmade for each and every order to ensure superb quality. That means you get a newly-minted skin made just for you. From design to production, our skins are handmade and packed right here in sunny Los Angeles, CA.