iPhone Night Light August 12 2015

Tonight marks the Perseid meteor shower and it's going to be the greatest in decades. Tons of meteors. And no moon to muddy the night sky.

Whether your a professional astronomer or just someone who loves to look at the stars and watch meteor showers, an iPhone Glow Gel skin is the perfect night light to have in this type of situation.

Here's why:

When stargazing, it's important to let your eyes adjust to the darkness for about ten minutes so that you can see all the dim stars and low-lit details in the sky. The moment you turn on your iPhone, a flashlight, or any other type of 'bright' light - this acclimation is ruined and you have to start all over again.

So how then are you able to get around in the dark or read that stargazing map?

Use an iPhone Glow Gel case. With a Glow Gel cover, the luminescence that is given off from our patented glow resin is not enough to blind you, but it's still enough light to allow you to read and see what you're doing in the dark. It's the perfect night light and glows for over twelve hours after exposure to any light source.

So whether your camping, night fishing, stargazing, or watching a meteor shower like tonight's epic Perseid-- a Glow Gel cover by Adaptation LA is a must.