iPhone 6 Glow Gels September 13 2014

We're very excited to announce that the new iPhone 6 Glow Gels are here!

The new Glow Gels for the iPhone 6 are simply amazing. We've increased the glow strength of our patented ArmorGlow technology yet again and have new glow colors and color-blocking for you to chose from. As always, our objective was to make a glow cover as beautiful as the iPhone 6, and we think we've achieved that.

So, without further or do, Click Here to purchase your new iPhone 6 Glow Gel!

One more thing: Many of you have been asking how to get on the pre-order list for the iPhone 6 PLUS gel cases. Simply contact us and include somewhere in the email the phrase: 'Add me to the iPhone 6 PLUS Glow Gel list.'

Thanks again for all your support! Every day we're truly humbled by what great customers we have and learn so much from you. We love to hear from you, so please check in with us to just say hello.

You're the best!!


Adaptation LA