Cotton Candy
iPhone 6/6s - Glow Gel Skin


iPhone 6/6s Glow Gel Cover Overview:
  • Compatibility: iPhone 6/6s 
  • Coverage: Front and back
  • Color: Pink iPhone 6/6s  
☼ Glow-in-the-dark iPhone 6/6s:
  • Color: Phosphorescent aqua
  • Glow: 12 + hours - world's longest glowing gel skin
  • Patented ArmorGlow™ technology
iPhone 6/6s Skin Cover Specs:
  • Adheres directly onto iPhone 6/6s for a super sleek fit
  • Super high gloss, 'glass-like' finish
  • Added traction to surfaces
  • Made with flexible gel resin to absorb shock
  • Precise, tailored fit for iPhone 6/6s
  • Non-permanent, leaves no residue when removed
♥ Handmade in the USA ♥ 
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