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iPhone 6/6s PLUS - Glow Gel case


iPhone 6/6s PLUS Glow Gel Case Overview:
  • Compatibility: iPhone 6 PLUS & iPhone 6s PLUS
  • Coverage: 360° complete protection + front screen Glow Gels
  • Color: Gray iPhone 6/6s PLUS Glow Gel™ case 
☼ Glow-in-the-dark iPhone 6/6s PLUS Rugged Case:
  • Color: Phosphorescent aqua
  • Glow: 12 + hours - world's longest glowing iPhone case
  • Patented ArmorGlow™ technology
  • Find iPhone in purses, backpacks, or any dark situation!
iPhone 6/6s PLUS Case Specs:
  • Rugged, 360° impact protection for iPhone 6/6s PLUS
  • Protects against the most extreme falls, dents, & scratches
  • Super high gloss, 'glass-like' Glow Gel finish 
  • Added traction - vertically sticks to smooth surfaces!
  • Made with durable polycarbonate TPU & Glow Gel resin
  • Precision fit - easy access to all ports and buttons 
  • Raised front design protects against screen breaks & damage
  • Fashion-forward color blocking guaranteed to turn heads
  • Front matching screen protector Glow Gel skins included
  • Customizable with Adaptation LA iPhone 6/6s+ vinyl rim skins 
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