Skin Application Instructions
For the iPhone 4 / 4s - Side Rim Skins

STEP 1: Preparation

Find a clean, dust-free table or desk with good lighting and plenty of space to work. Wash your hands to remove any grease or natural oils and dry them thoroughly before application process.

STEP 2: Clean iPhone Rim

With a soft cotton or microfiber cloth, gently clean your iPhone rim making sure to wipe away any dust or debris. This will prevent any 'bumps' from forming when the rim skin is applied, so make sure you take your time on this step.

STEP 3: iPhone Model

There are two different iPhone models where the mute switch is in a slightly different position. We've included both options of rim skin pieces in your  package to account for this. Simply compare your iPhone with each skin to see which is the right one you should be using for your iPhone.

STEP 4: Cut Rim Skin Piece

There are 3 layers to your rim skin sheet:  The top application tape, rim skins (what you'll be putting on your iPhone) and, base liner sheet. Using scissors, cut the appropriate skin piece discussed in previous step from the rest of sheet making sure not to cut the skin itself. You should only be cutting through the top application tape layer and bottom base liner. **IMPORTANT: DO NOT STRETCH SKIN. Stretching will ruin the precise alignment of the rim skin. 

STEP 5: Remove from Liner

Carefully peel the clear application tape from bottom liner making sure rim skin stays attached to the app tape. You’ll be using the app tape to help apply the skin to device. THE APPLICATION TAPE IS YOUR FRIEND. It will prevent you from stretching the skin, and will help you to avoid contaminating the rim skin adhesive with any dirt / natural oils that may be on your hand - so make sure to handle the app tape and not the actual skin itself. That's what the app tape is there for.

STEP 6: Align & Place

Holding the application tape (with rim skin attached) by it's edges, align the skin's cutouts with appropriate button / port starting with it's volume controls. Gently guide the skin in place, lightly laying the skin onto rim. If you misalign, readjust the placement. Once in desired place, apply pressure over the application tape smoothing out any air bubbles and making sure that the skin is firmly attached to rim.  

STEP 7: Remove Application Tape

Carefully peel off the application tape from rim skin making sure not to 'pull up' the skin as you peel the tape away. The best way to do this is by bending the app tape 180 degrees backward (as if your bookmarking a page) as you roll it off while applying downward pressure toward rim. For the areas around any raised buttons, you'll have to carefully adhere skin to rim as you peel the app tape.

STEP 8: Apply Pressure

Having just removed the application tape, apply pressure over the skin itself to make sure it's firmly attached. Smooth out any air bubbles if necessary. Repeat steps 2 - 8 for skin piece #2 and your finished! NOTE: On piece #2, you'll notice a cut for the SIM card. Some iPhone models do not have a SIM card slot on side of phone (i.e. Verizon), in this case, it's not necessary to 'punch out' the skin excess for that area.