Skin Application Instructions
For Gel Buttons - iPhone, iPad, iPod

STEP 1: Preparation

Find a clean, dust-free table or desk with good lighting and plenty of space to work. Wash your hands to remove any grease or natural oils and dry them thoroughly before application process.

STEP 2: Clean Home Button

With a soft cotton or microfiber cloth, gently clean your home button making sure to wipe away any dust or debris. 

STEP 3: Peel

Peel the gel button from the liner sheet it's attached to. The button will remove easily from the smooth liner surface with little pressure.

STEP 4: Position and Place

Holding the gel button at its edges with your thumb and index finger, guide it into place gently laying it onto the home button with as little pressure as possible. Use your finger to then nudge button into exact position if necessary.

STEP 5: Apply Pressure

Once in place, push down the gel button to make sure it’s firmly attached. You’re finished!